John Mitchell Center

Department of Engineering
University of Southern Maine
149 John Mitchell Center,
37 College Avenue,
Gorham, Maine 04038
Phone: 207.780.5287
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For current faculty research and publication activity see their personal web pages. Below we include a representative list of research topics in which the engineering faculty and staff are actively engaged and links to selected past National Science Foundation grants for curriculum and laboratory improvement projects.

Research activity:

MEMS and sensor technologies (Professor Guvench)
   Surface and bulk micro-machined MEMS design
   MEMS sensors

Integrated circuits design and fabrication (Professor Guvench)
   CMOS analog integrated circuit design
   Fabrication and testing of CMOS op-amps
   Fabrication and testing of solar cells

Properties of electronic materials (Professor Smith)
   Failure analysis of passive electronic components
   Properties of composite electronic materials
   Properties of positive temperature coefficient materials
   Development of new composite electronic materials

Digital image processing (Professor Jankowski)
   Image enhancement, contrast manipulation, image restoration
   Image segmentation
   Image registration
   Nonlinear image processing, mathematical morphology
   Shape invariants
   Shape description

Signal processing (Professor Jankowski)
   Filter design and time-frequency techniques

Software engineering (Professor Jankowski)
   Design and implementation of code libraries for image processing applications

Digital logic (Professor Jankowski)
   Signal processing with programmable logic

Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Professor Luck)
   Design, modeling and analysis of manipulators and autonomous vehicles
   Software development for robot simulation and control
   Artificial intelligence applied to robotics

Education (Professor Ellis)
   Collaborative learning
   Freshman design
   Electronic courseware, computing in the curriculum
   Computer algebra systems in engineering education
   Real-world projects as vehicles for learning

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